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Key    Hot spicy dish =           Medium spicy heat dish =           Not spicy=

  • Thai Platter:  £9 for one or £17 for 2    

Consists of king prawn spring roll, pork dumpling (Dim Sum), chicken satay & tempura prawn with organic salad

  • Vegetarian/Vegan Platter:  £9     

Consists of tempura courgette, taro spring rolls& vegetable dumpling with salad

  • Roast Duck Red Curry:   £9

With cherry tomatoes, Lychee & grape, served with steamed rice & seasonal veg.

  • King Prawns in ginger and sweet chilli:  £10 

Served with steamed rice or plain noodles & mixed salad.

  • Massaman Curry:   £10 

Braised organic beef & potatoes in a coconut & aromatic herb sauce; all rounded-off with rice & crispy shallots.

  • Stir Fried Egg :    £9

You have a choice of chicken, tofu or duck all accompanied with a tamarind sauce, bean sprouts, cashew nuts & lime juice.

  • Thai Curry, Red or Green:   £ 9

With a choice of chicken , tofu or fish this works well with steamed rice & sautéed seasonal veg.

  • Pad Thai :   £9  (Prawns, Chicken ore Tofu)

Prawn or Tofu cooked with tamarind sauce, coconut milk preserved radish, bean spouts, peanuts sautéed in the wok with rice noodles served with crunchy salad.

  • Thai Vegetarian Dumpling Curry :    £10 

Two ways tofu and chickpeas cooked in red curry sauce, bamboo shoots and season vegetable served with steamed rice and vegetable dumplings.


(Subject to availability, please check with our staff)


  • Yellow Lamb Curry:   £12

The lamb in this dish is chump-end (meat on the bone), slow cooked in coconut milk and turmeric and includes young pepper served with steamed rice.

  • Asian Laksa Curry :    £12 

Sirlion or Prawns cooked in homemade laksa sauce fresh turmeric, lemongrass, galangal, peanuts finish with lime juice, bean sprouts served with Udon noodle or Khanom chin.

  • Thai Smoked Fish Chowder:   £ 12

Smoked haddock broch cooked in infused coconut milk , lemongrass kaffir leaf, tomatoes  and  served with steamed rice.

  • Thai Herb Chicken Roulade : £12 

Chicken Breast stuffed with lemongrass, coriander, garlic and ginger with a yellow curry sauce, bamboo shoots and season vegetable served with steamed rice.

Please note; some of these dishes contain nuts. Please ask for allergy information.

Klin Klan
Klin Klan


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